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Help build the greatest happiness platform Parallel society

Together we create a society where everybody is welcome

Almost 8 billion people around the world, everybody is unique and everybody should be entitled to their own opinions and ideas. Fulfill their own dreams and wishes and strive for their own goals. 

But we have seen different developments since 2020 (or actually much longer) which made us re-evaluate our main goals and purposes. 


Help us

bring people together

Library4happiness is a way to build that parallel society worldwide. It is a social community, a library to share and find knowledge. We are also setting up a marketplace to offer your knowledge and sustainable products to a community worldwide. 

Besides the marketplace we also want to implement other functionalities in our platform like an accommodation booking platform, a workspace and a payment platform. Here you can read more about these functionalities

Our main goal is to bring people together and to give everybody worldwide access to the right information to live their own happy lives. Share honest information, beat censorship, and speak freely. No judgment just connecting your own dots to happiness.


Investing while giving

Our story

It started as an idea just to share valuable information about health, lifestyle fitness, spiritual awareness, etc. with people all over the world. As the saying goes: 2 know more than 1 what can worldwide community learn from each other.

The idea to share information for everybody for free grew and we aim to have every member of the community share their information and inspire other people, giving new insights.

A way to influence people all over the world in a positive way. To create awareness, honest information, and show different perspectives. 

But as mentioned before. We can not only be that library for information. We had to think bigger and now aim to be that parallel society. 

We know that other platforms around the world also try to connect people, but in our opinion, a parallel society can not work if we become all separate islands that do not work together. 

We try to connect with these platforms, and communities online and offline. We believe that segregation makes us weaker but unity gives us power and makes us stronger! 


What do we aim for

Our key objectives


the community...

Launching a worldwide platform (a community) to create that parallel society. This community will be accompanied by other functionalities

caring ours...

Creating a parallel society that is not only for the community but will be the community!


... and build together

Gathering people from all over the world who want to become part of our new and free society. Parallel to the society we live in now. To share their life experiences and wisdom with a big crowd

let's change the world!


In a time where freedom is under pressure, we need to gather and create our own strong network

Please join Library4Happinesss and share the valuable information that you have with a worldwide community. We would like to ask you, to help us grow the platform with your knowledge. 

Besides your knowledge we would really benefit from your donations to help us grow the community, support our online and offline projects and rise to a higher level. 

And share with others!

Together with you

We reach our goals

We already mentioned that we want to become a full working parallel society. 

To manage this we need to be ‘self-sustainable’ in many ways. And we need to grow this worldwide!

We are setting up the following functionalities inside our community.


Where you find knowledge about happiness. Connect to people who also believe in freedom and help to build that parallel society.

Marketplace (in progress)

Where you can sell and buy online from like-minded people.

(Accomodation) Booking platform

Where you can find your online accommodation worldwide!


Where we connect businesses and professionals.

Payment platform

An alternative to traditional banking

What will we do with the donations

Our Goal


As mentioned before, we are also building a marketplace that we would like to launch before July 2022. A marketplace where everybody is equal and everybody is welcome!

A place where you can offer your services and products to the community. You will find your perfect like-minded customers here because you are already part of the community.

The community as well as the marketplace will be exempt from any discrimination. Your customer will have no boundaries to shopping with you.

The community and marketplace are worldwide, you will be able to find what you need everywhere in the world! That means that when you are on a holiday it will be easy to find the products you are used to, from community members  

The investment that we need to do to create the marketplace and make it work for everybody will be around

€ 10.000,-

Please donate directly to our platform and use the button below!

how to


After we launch the marketplace, we want you to be able to access our community as well as the marketplace through an app. The costs to set this up will be around

Like social media apps we all know (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) we want to make it easy for you to access our community.

For now we have the instruction to already set up a temporary app on the home screen of you mobile device.

The costs to set up this app, will be around


Please donate directly to our platform and use the button below!



Besides finishing our main goals to set up the platform consistently, we are also stimulating online and offline projects to help people around the world

While building everything we are already in contact with non-profit organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs, but also other communities to set up new projects or support existing ones

Please check out our crowdfunding pages at WhyDonate and GoFundMe and help us help other people!

If you want to give back to the community, please don't hesitate. We have set up separate crowdfunding channels for all our different projects so you will be able to support that project that makes your heart beat the fastest! If you want to donate directly to our platform please use the button below!